One of the most important features that we all share is our smile. It is the first things that people see when you greet them and can make you appear younger or older depending on the quality of our smile.


When our teeth become yellowed, the first impression that we offer to people can greatly become damaged in the process. However, Beyond White Spa treatments are a fantastic way to get your smile back to where it was before age and the yellowing process took over.


Beyond White Spa has many benefits for the smile, but one of the most impressive is the gentle nature that it has. However, even though it is gentle, it can remove both surface stains as well as those that are found deep inside of the teeth.

This means that your teeth will become whiter faster and you will be able to enjoy whiter teeth for a longer period of time. The procedure only takes about 60 minutes and has been designed to minimize the risk of developing tooth sensitivity. This is unheard of in the teeth whitening industry and credit can be given to the special lamps that speed up the process greatly.

Amazing results can be seen by pretty much anyone who has this treatment done. It can even be used by people who smoke or drink coffee and tea. Both of these items are notorious for staining the teeth and can be difficult to reverse. Other issues that are common are teeth that are stained by fluoride or tetracycline or that have been discolored due to genetics.

While Beyond White is a safe treatment method to whiten the teeth, it is important that women who are pregnant or those under the age of 16 avoid this treatment. Receiving a treatment during a time when the teeth are vulnerable to damage can cause major issues later down the road.

One of the most common questions that people ask who are considering Beyond White is in regards to the degree of whiteness that they can expect. Since everyone is a bit different, it can be difficult to determine exactly, but the average changes are eight shades lighter after having the treatment depending on how stained the teeth were before the treatment began.

Depending on your diet and other factors related to the teeth, you can expect for your teeth to remain white for about two years. However, it may be necessary for people who enjoy coffee or other items that typically stain the teeth have periodic touch up sessions just to make sure that their smile is always looking its best.

This is a safe treatment and is very effective. The ingredients that have been used with Beyond White treatments are ones that have been used in this industry for years and have not been shown to damage or change the actual structure of the teeth. So, if you are ready to have bright, shiny, white teeth once again, Beyond White Spa treatments are definitely something that you should consider.