Nous croyons que notre quintessence des soins Phyto-Aromatiques devrait donner à la peau tout ce dont elle a besoin pour trouver son équilibre et vitalité..

C'est la qualité des 5 huiles essentielles "Quintessence" et des extraits végétaux qui sont utilisés pour aider finalement la peau à réactiver ses propres défenses, surmonter ses faiblesses et prolonger son éclat et sa jeunesse.


We believe that our Quintessence of the Phyto-Aromatic Care should give the skin all it needs to find its balance and vital energy through bio-integrated plant therapy.       

It is the quality of the 5 "Quintessence" Essential Oils and plant extracts that are used to ultimately help the skin to reactivate its own defenses, overcome its weaknesses and prolong its radiance and youthfulness.



The Soli-Tone 2500 (next generation of LED photobiostimulation system),  is a safe, accessible, non-invasive, non-surgical, painless and quick cosmetic enhancement with no negative side effects. Technological advances has given us the tools to slow down and even reverse both photoaging and chronological aging. With Soli-Tone's 2500 Lumifacial program, it is now possible to achieve better and faster results in the resolution of acne, pigmentation, redness, wrinkles and skin laxity issues.

Promo Price for 8  treatments: $800 (Regular Price $1,760)

Promo Price for 10 treatments: $1,000 (Regular Price $2,200)

*This program comes with a mini YonKa Paris facial*

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