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Le lieu de confiance pour la massothérapie

The trusted place for massage therapy


Massage is a vital part of your essential health and effective recovery can significantly increase performance.

Our list of our massages you can choose from:


Benefits of neck massage includes release of muscles in the neck and shoulders, but it is also helpful for those who suffer from tension headaches, eye strain, migraines, sinusitis, and chronic neck pain. Neck pain can be caused by inflammation, whiplash, sleeping in the wrong position or just a wrong sudden movement. It can be very painful or just a dull, nagging ache. 

Typically, the therapy will start with massage to the shoulders, upper chest, and back of head. The work will eventually include deeper pressure, usually at the base of the skull.  Kneading techniques will be used to encourage blood flow to the muscles and help them begin to relax.

Techniques often includes massage of shoulders, upper arms, neck, scalp and facial muscles. It can be given to treat pain conditions such as TMJ. TMJ (or Temporal Mandibular Joint) pain can be horrible. Jaw movements such as chewing, talking, and smiling is often painful, and pulled or

injured muscles. 

30 min ($45.00)

45 min ($55.00)


Swedish massage is intended to improve circulation and tissue elasticity while reducing muscle tone and creating a parasympathetic response.

The purpose of Swedish massage is to relax the entire body, but it also has a number of other health benefits.  Swedish massage improves blood circulation, increases the level of oxygen in the blood, helps the body to remove toxins,  improves blood circulation, increases the level of oxygen in the blood, helps the body to remove toxins, improves flexibility, eases tension and helps with pain management.              

If you are having trouble dealing with the pressures of everyday life or are simply feeling a little bit stressed, a Swedish massage might be just what you need in order to feel your absolute best again

60 min ($70.00)

90 min ($85.00)









Therapeutic massage aims to provide greater muscle relaxation, and, thus providing helping increase the range of motion.  It causes increased blood circulation in the muscle tissue, relaxes muscle tension, helps regain muscle and tendon elasticity. Therapeutic massage can be stimulating or soothing depending on the technique, depth and speed.  Therapeutic  Massage Therapy is both safe and effective and helps to create balance and harmony from within.

Benefits of Therapeutic Massage Therapy

  • Treats sciatica, lower back pain, migraine, headaches, tendinitis, bursitis and hygroma.

  • Promotes general tissue health and encourages lifestyle and general health awareness

  • Helps lessen depression and  anxiety

  • Relaxes and softens injured, tired, and overused muscles.

  • Exercises and stretches weak, tight, or atrophied muscles.

  • Increases joint flexibility.

  • Reduce spasms and cramping.

30 min ($45.00)

60 min ($70.00)

90 min ($90.00)



A unique blend of essential oils combined with a classic massage designed to nurture the body, mind and spirit.

60 min ($70.00)
90 min ($95.00)















Relaxation massage is a gentle Swedish massage that uses smooth, gliding strokes to help you relax.  The massage therapist will move at a slower pace and use lighter pressure. The goal, or intention, of relaxation massage is to reduce stress, promote overall wellness, relax muscles, diminish pain, and move body fluids (such as blood) to nourish cells and help remove waste products.


60 min ($70.00)

90 min ($85.00


Deep tissue massage therapy is similar to Swedish massage, but the deeper pressure is beneficial in releasing chronic muscle tension. The focus is on the deepest layers of muscle tissue, tendons and fascia (the protective layer surrounding muscles, bones and joints).

This type of massage is highly beneficial for people who suffer from consistent muscle pain, especially in the muscles around the neck, lower back and shoulders. This can be caused by work related postural problems, leisure activities such as gardening, sports and exercise related injuries, and can also be the end-result of long-term emotional stress and tension. 

60 min ($75.00)

90 min ($95.00)



(Available to women who are more than 13 weeks pregnant)

Benefits of prenatal massage

  • increases and improves circulation

  • Alleviates back ache and leg cramps

  • Allows for a comfortable and restful sleep

  • Assists in swelling and edema

  • Relieves moodiness, anxiety and anxiousness caused by hormonal changes

60 min ($70.00)

75 min ($85.00)



A couples massage is a great way to relax and rejuvenate both you and your loved one.  So why not treat yourself and your significant other to an indulgent spa session? Despite the suggestive name, couples massages are not just for couples ... friends and family members can also enjoy this invigorating experience together.

60 min ($120.00)

75 min ($135.00)

90 min ($150.00


Sciatica refers to pain that radiates along the sciatic nerve and is typically felt in the buttocks, down the back of the leg, and possibly to the foot. Sciatica is typically caused by common conditions including a herniated disc, degenerative disc disease and lumbar spinal stenosis.


The largest nerve in the body, the sciatic nerve begins from nerve roots in the lumbar part of the spinal cord (in the low back) and extends through the buttock area to send nerve endings down to the legs. Pain resulting from irritation of the sciatic nerve is called sciatica. The pain is typically felt at the back of the thigh. While sciatica is most commonly a result of a disc herniation directly pressing on the nerve, any cause of irritation or inflammation of this nerve can reproduce the symptoms of sciatica.

Massaging these tense muscles may help to reduce pressure on your sciatic nerve. Soft tissue massage may also help to increase your pain threshold by stimulating the release of endorphins. Endorphins boost pleasure and relieve pain, causing an increased feeling of well-being.

60 min ($70.00)

90 min ($90.00)



Sinusitis is an inflammation of the paranasal sinuses. It may be caused by allergies, infection or physical obstruction. Symptoms include headache, tenderness, congested or runny nose, facial pain and fatigue. If it is related to an infection there may also be fever and chills. Lymphatic Drainage and Facial Massage can  help sinus infections and allergies. ... The main lymph nodes for sinus massage are pea size and under the mandible. During a face massage, muscles are "pre-warmed" and the lymph nodes stimulated to open and enhance circulatory and lymphatic flow.


Any acute infection is a contraindication for massage. In a sub-acute stage, massage may be administered, as long as the client is comfortable on the table. In some cases using a massage chair may be more appropriate. Sinus massage promotes drainage and alleviate congestion, perform a sinus massage.

30 min ($35.00)

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